Tadoba safari booking

Tadoba tiger park is a fabulous safari destination. If you want to observe various wildlife, to feel the incredible smell of the forest, to relax in the wild , going back to human land roots. There are a lot of national parks in India, here is some information about them and especially on Tadoba National Park.

Bera village and its surroundings, in Pali Rajasthan district (between Udaipur and Jodhpur), are famous for the many leopards that roam freely there. Jawai Dam Crocodile Sanctuary is also worth a visit for some of the largest crocodiles you will ever see! You will be able to observe birds, hyenas, foxes and rabbits as well. The area is charming on the tourist route, but the hotel will arrange safaris. Stay at Bera Castle, or if you’re not on a budget, Jawai Leopard Camp. Also in the area, Bagheera Camp Jungle Retreat is recommended. Read extra details on Tadoba resorts.

Open jeep vehicles can be rented for safaris. Alternatively, it is possible to use your own vehicle. However, anyway, you will need to take a local forest guide with you. In addition, there is an additional entrance fee of 1000 rupees levied on private vehicles. Reflecting the growing popularity of the reserve, admission fees were sharply increased in October 2012 and then increased again in October 2013. The cost of hiring Gypsies has also increased. Revised rates are: Entry fee: Rs. 750 per helper and Rs. 1,500 per minibus, Monday to Friday. 1,000 rupees per helper and 2,000 rupees per minibus on weekends and holidays.

Must have for a Tadoba safari : It is said that the best prevention against malaria is to avoid being bitten. In any case, in the period when we were (August) I met far fewer mosquitoes than in your country. Some parks are even located at a higher altitude, which is why they are not frequented by mosquitoes. And if we talked about altitude, don’t forget to have something thicker to put on and a scarf / headband (hat or hat might fly). You will stay up all day long and it is possible to catch even more cloudy and cool days. The layered method works just as well in safari as in other situations. Choose neutral or natural colors for safari, try not to stand out, especially if you have a walking safari. Read extra info at https://tadoba-national-park-booking.com/.