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The internet has created a worldwide betting economy, and with it online betting has exploded. Punters on nearly every corner of the globe can now find an online bookmaker to do their business with. But, which bookmakers should you use to place your bets on? What are the best sports betting websites out there and which ones should you go with?

When rating sportsbooks, we consider safety the most important part of our reviews (because why bet on real-money games unless you can safely withdraw your potential winnings?).

To get a recommendation from us, a sports gambling website must have a strong history of delivering payouts. And if a site has had some problems (nearly all long-running sites have), how were they solved?

If a sportsbook passes our safety requirements, the next most important factors are odds, bet selection, customer service and promotions. We believe the following sites achieve better ratings in all of these categories than any other site on the planet.

It wouldn’t be crazy to say that we’re living in sports betting’s golden age. With the way technology has advanced, there is no need for outdated methods like driving to a smoke-filled sportsbook or calling your bookie up from a rotary phone. Today, bettors can place a bet within in seconds on almost every sporting event in the world using a desktop, laptop, or on the go with a mobile phone.

These days, online bookmakers have every sport from NFL football to German handball and everything in-between.

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– Gambling Ball Agile: Tangkasnet


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