Best guides to obtain Clash of Clans gems

Clash of Clans is an incredible strategy game for mobile devices that is very popular even years after launch. You can also play Clash of Clans on PC if you install a Android emulator like Nox or Bluestacks. This is a strategy that prioritises loot over trophies, allowing attackers easy access to the Town Hall so that they avoid attacking collectors. If you’re looking to save for an upgrade, placing the Town Hall on the outside can be a big help. It also gives you a “free” 12-hour shield after every attack that allows you to either recover from the defeat or celebrate the attack. One of the keys to “Clash of Clans” success is patience. The game takes over two years to complete from scratch (without gems) and setbacks will occur along the way. Remaining calm will make it so much better.

My personal attack strategy for town hall eight: two golems, 17 Valkyrie, two wall breakers, barbarian king, two rage spells, one heal spell, one poison spell. This strategy is for the player who does not have a lot of time to battle, so they go as hard as possible. Deploy the golems about 8 spaces apart so they soak up the damage, then send the wall breakers to break a hole in the walls. Deploy your barbarian king in between the golems to lead the charge, then spam the valkyries behind him to finish the battle. Place your rage spells in front of the golems so they hit every troop, then when they wear down, place your heal spell to ensure victory. Use the poison spell to slow down enemy clan troops or heroes, so they do not ruin your day. This is effective against most town hall eight bases, and some town hall nine bases, as long as their x-bows are not high leveled. Read more details at CoC hack.

The most accessible source of free gems in Clash of Clans comes via achievements. Some of these occur naturally as you play. You get some for simply upgrading buildings and unlocking units. To get others, you need to do a little work (fortunately, the work you need to put in is playing Clash of Clans). It tracks the number of troops that you donate to Clan Wars, which at the highest level nets you 50 gems. The Builder Base has its own achievements to unlock.

You need the coc generator tool to get gems. Of course, there is another way to get them – pay with real money. However, before doing this, we should note that – the gems are not cheap. Take a look, for example, the best clash of clans players like Jorge Achievements Yao, who spends about $ 2,000 a month on purchases within the app. So to get closer to the best players in COC, you should invest a lot of money and time. In both cases, you get gems, without which you can not make your village superior to others without extra gems; your clan is doomed to disaster. Source: