Limited edition bronze cats statues gifts

Searching after Limited edition bronze foxes statues gifts? Bronze statues are perfect for a special gift occasion or if you want to infuse some art in to your home. The waxes that come out of the mold are never perfect. Depending on how large and complex the design is, it might be cast in several wax pieces that have to be reassembled into a final design. As you can see with the rabbit sculpture below, the Desk Buddies are cast solid. They are small enough so we need only clean up the seam lines and any other little imperfections.

I went on a total fox jag a while back. I just love their forms and inquisitive natures. With these sculptures I’ve mostly explored foxes looking and behaving naturally, as well as engaging in a bit of my usual anthropomorphizing. (Man, I wish there was a shorter word for that!) This is Attention to De-tail, an elegant piece filled with great lines. My goal here was to create a lyrical design that celebrated the grace of foxes. This quiet moment allows me to explore the fox form in repose, instead of in action. There is no rushing here; we are allowing the fox to truly give attention to every detail. This piece exhibits all the hallmarks of my work, such as curves transitioning into planes, highlighted dimensional lines, complex and rich patinas, and a bit of complementary texture. Even though this fox is in repose, the graceful line from the tip of the tail to the nose is reminiscent of the movement of my dance sculptures. And as with another of my fox pieces, EnWrapture, I continue to explore the juxtaposition of texture with smooth surface. I love how the rock supports the fox and allows for a new interplay between two complementary patina styles. Read additional info on Fox bronze sculpture.

Tip for getting bronze art valued: Do some research. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a certificate of authenticity. If you don’t have one, the first step to deciphering a value for your bronze sculpture is doing some old-fashioned research. The first step is finding the artist. Somewhere on your bronze sculpture, the creator of the piece will have left their initials, signature, trademark or emblem. With this information, you can look up the artist and search for similar pieces by them. This initial research can go a long way in getting an idea of the value of your bronze art.

Bronze statues maintenance: Before we get into that, it is important to know that most bronze sculptures will come with a wax or polish of some kind already on it. This wax should protect the bronze sculpture for about three to five months, sometimes even longer. A key thing to check for (if your bronze isn’t covered with bird poop or other debris) is if water still beads off the sculpture. If it does, your outdoor bronze sculpture is not in need of cleaning quite yet. If water doesn’t bead off your outdoor bronze sculpture, it’s time to clean!

My wonderful Desk Buddies series are a more accessible part of my collection. They are intended to capture the spirit and energy of my larger limited edition pieces, all while fitting into any setting in your home or office. These pieces are perfect for offices, living rooms, bedrooms, and more, and make a wonderful gift for both seasoned bronze collectors as well as those who are just starting to grow their collections. Visit: Bronze Animal Sculptures.

Meet Laurel Peterson Gregory : When I’m not in the studio, I can usually be found in the 10 large gardens with which I’ve surrounded my home and converted barn in the foothills of the Front Range south of Denver. My bronze animal sculptures have received multiple awards and are represented by galleries across the United States. I have fulfilled numerous private, corporate, and public commissions.