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A variation of the kingpin is a forged kingpin. This variation is a much more durable than a standard kingpin and is perfect for most applications including towlines. A much larger kingpin connects everything together through forging, which means you don’t ever have the wiggle or give that will develop in a standard kingpin. Many forged kingpins are also maintenance-free. Wheel bearings are somewhat straightforward. You need to get bearings that will support your specific applications. There are quite a few types of wheel bearings, but two or three will normally suffice for most applications. In most situations, we use precision ball bearings versus caged roller bearings. Precision ball bearings are substantially more robust and will stand up to most applications including heavy weight in towlines. A Delrin bearing is used when you have chemicals and moisture involved in more extreme environments. You won’t get the same weight capacity as with a precision ball bearing, but you’ll not have the bearing breaking down either.

Caster wheels are just one part of the caster, but they are obviously a huge part of the caster as a whole. There are four main components to consider when choosing your wheel: wheel size, tread, and material. An easy factor to start with is the wheel size. Many of our clients have specific requirements for size. This is often because an engineer has designed a cart and has specific CAD designs, etc., that require a casters of an exact height and caster diameter.

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Varying the tread and material of your caster wheel allows you to navigate these conditions. Second, what is the weight capacity and speed of the application? The faster you move, the more weight capacity you need in your casters. The caster diameter, width, and material will all affect how much weight your caster can handle at high or low speeds. Additional factors should be evaluated to specify the exact caster needed for the application, such as: caster configuration, environment temperature, duty cycle, tread materials, and speed (wheels fitted with ball bearings will have a reduced load capacity at speeds over 3 MPH).

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