Best atractions in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that offers many recreational options to travel with children. Behind its avant-garde monuments, its original architecture and its ancestral traditions are very fun attractions and a lively cultural agenda for children. In addition, there are amusement parks, museums, zoos, aquariums and natural spaces where you can spend a wonderful day. So if you decide to visit Barcelona as a family, we propose you eleven great plans.

More than 90 years ago, Gaudí gave life to this park, an original space full of bright colors and unusual architectural forms that complement the natural environment that surrounds it. Not in vain is considered one of the icons of the city, a must see for families traveling to Barcelona.


In its perimeter architecture lovers will be happy as they can see with their own eyes how Gaudí challenged the law of gravity in the Porch of the Lavandera, an impressive corridor in the shape of waves and inclined columns, as well as discover some of the his most picturesque architectural works such as the Dragon’s Staircase and the Hypostyle Hall. And so that you do not overlook any detail during the tour you can bet on the organized visits organized by the park by a specialized guide.


It is one of the most entertaining options to spend a day with children in Barcelona. It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, besides being the iconic park of Barcelona. It is located on the highest peak of the Sierra de Collserola, more than 500 meters high, from where you can see one of the most beautiful views of Barcelona, in the Muntanya Màgica.


However, the children will also love entering the Cami del Cel, an area of attractions where they can ride the Carousel, the Plane and crash cars in Crash Cars. Children who want to experience even more intense emotions can enjoy Tibidabo Express and Muntanya Russa, two roller coasters that will make the adrenaline flow. As a climax, you can visit the Automata Museum, a true reference worldwide where curious specimens are hoarded with children who enjoyed the fairs of Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The also known as Museu Blau represents the most modern part of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona, a place for children to learn while having fun. Its facilities, located in the Forum Park, have more than 3 million copies that have witnessed the evolution of the Earth from the creation of the universe and the continents to the transformation of nature as we know it today. More on Barcelona apartments.

The museum also has a large list of activities for families that include workshops, participation games and other educational activities to encourage children’s interest and respect for nature. And for the little ones do not get bored has the Nest of Science, a space dedicated to children under 6 years in which they can appreciate different animals, rocks, minerals and fossilized vegetables from different stages of the development of the Earth.

Las Golondrinas are a fleet of tourist boats, on board of which you can undertake one of the most authentic excursions in the city, along the length of the Barcelona coast. In fact, Las Golondrinas has two different excursions so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The first lasts 40 minutes and takes you around the port of Barcelona, from where you will have magnificent views of the Clock Tower, the Puerta de Europa bridge, the castle and the Montjuïc mountain, as well as the Sideroploide, the abstract sculpture of the artist Salvador Aulèstia.


The second one that lasts for an hour and a half will take you all over the port, the coast and the beaches of Barcelona, passing very close to the monument of Columbus, a perfect opportunity for the little ones to discover this emblematic symbol of Barcelona culture while enjoying of nature in all its splendor.


This adventure park is located in the Forum square, right in the center of Barcelona. It consists of different circuits of different levels of difficulty, in which children can undertake adventures worthy of a first level explorer. There are walkways, ropes, swings and monkey bridges, as well as swings and Tibetan bridges suspended to more than 12 meters for the most daring kids. It also has networks, zip lines and lianas, with which children can move around the park. Of course, each attraction has protection systems that ensure the safety of children at all times. Source : bcn Barcelona apartments.