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The most interesting is their Paradigm, which has an interesting locking mechanism. You have to slide the bolster over and then hit the button and a raindrop Damascus blade steel pops up, matched with a tuxedo look, white ivory G-10 handle. It’s a knife that gets a lot of compliments. Camillus is a maker of tools for camping, hunting, and around-the-house use. Their most interesting knife highlighted is the Swedge. They described it as “a fixed blade on steroids.” It has a wide spine, thick blade, aggressive jimping on the back, and a chisel tip. It’s an all-purpose knife for bushcraft, used for camping, or anything around the house or garage. The best feature of this knife? It’s under $20 dollars!

The ‘jackknife’ – an alternative term for a very basic folding knife – is said to originate somewhere in the Germanic regions of Europe, north of Italy, and dates back to between 600 and 500 BCE, though the evidence is hard to substantiate. What can be said is that these knives were fairly primitive in their construction. They consisted of a very plain handle and a somewhat unwieldy blade attached via a simple hinge – with no lock nor spring to keep it closed and/or open of which to speak.

What is the specialty of the butterfly knife? The handle is formed by two longitudinal halves with a U-shaped section, which are pivotally connected to the blade shank. When the knife is opened, the halves of the handle rotate 180 degrees in the opposite direction relative to the blade, expose the blade and then form the handle, connecting to each other. How is a balisong different from a butterfly knife? Balisong is a type of folding knife. Its peculiarity is that in the folded position the blade is closed by two longitudinal halves of the handle. They resemble wings, which gave the second name to the tool – a butterfly knife.

Buck Knives: Though the first Buck Knife was made in 1902, it wasn’t until 1961 that Buck Knives became an incorporated company. In 1963, Al Buck – son of the late Hoyt Buck – created their Model 110 Folding Hunter pocket knife. It is still one of the most popular models they offer today. Buck Knives had gone through a period where they sourced much of their business overseas, but have since been trying to find ways to move production back to the USA. Today, they manufacture about 80% of their knives out of their Idaho facility. They also offer a limited “forever” warranty on all of their products.

In a pinch grip or power grip, the Bugout is fantastically comfortable and the handle is deceptively detailed. The top of the handle has a slight drop from front to back. The bottom of the grip locks your index finger into place to prevent slipping and has just enough of a pinkie hook to give you extra grip. The pocket clip is reversible and the thumb studs are easy to hit with a thumb or middle finger. The axis lock makes one handed opening and closing a cinch. You can buy a Bugout with S30V, S90V, or M390 steel. All three steels are close in their toughness. M390 has the best corrosion resistance, S90V has the best edge retention, and S30V is the most affordable.

The Tac Hunter is 4oz and 6.75 in length with a 2.5 blade made of D2 steel with a titanium wash. It has a G10 handle and a Kydex sheath that comes with it, which has a locking mechanism that appeals to many, allowing the user to move it from backpacks to belts, moving from vertical to scout to 45-degree carry. It’s a versatile knife that’s small enough to use as an EDC, great for skinning, and it’s also used by fishermen. It’s a great, compact, all-purpose knife.