Combined programs main Corsica and Sardinia

Fabulous food and wine tours in Italy … Only in the Italian countryside can the game of golf and exquisite wine tasting go hand-in-hand as you indulge in both throughout your vacation. Your custom tailored tour will combine the pleasures of the serene fairways with the flavors of celebrated wineries in the heart of Italy. See the treasures of Rome and sip a beautiful glass of wine in view of the famous Tuscan hills. Relax in a private villa and practice your swing on a driving range that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. From the historical cellars to the championship courses, you will find the perfect combination of luxury and activity in the beautiful towns, the ancient monuments, and the secluded greens.

Sardinia … an incredible place to visit.. Ferries leave the little port of Palau regularly for the half-hour trip to La Maddalena, the only town in the archipelago in the Strait of Bonifacio, between Sardinia and Corsica. Apart from the beaches, the most remote of which are reached only by boat, tourists come here to cross over the causeway and bridge to the neighboring island of Caprera. The home here of Giuseppe Garibaldi, revered as the father of the Italian state for his leadership in the fight for Italian unity and independence, is a national monument that attracts visitors from all over Italy and beyond. The other end of the island has several beaches, easy to find by paths leading from the single road. The sea around the islands is popular with sailors.

The ancient settlement of Tharros is situated at the southern edge of the Sinis peninsula. Founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century B.C. near a pre-existing nuragic village from the Bronze Age, it suffered under Carthaginian first then Roman dominations, and finally fell under the Vandals and the Byzantines dominations. A gradual decay led to the abandonment of the site around the year 1050 A.D. The area is like an open-air museum that stands overlooking the sea: ancient streets, houses, shops from the Roman era, the temple and the necropolis are among the ruins that the Sinis Peninsula offers us. You can also visit the small early Christian church of San Giovanni situated nearby Tharros village. Read more on Food & Wine tours Italy.

City Walls of Alghero, The best way to get a sense of the maze-like seaside town of Alghero is to take a walk along its walls. Spanning from Torre di Sulis in the south and the Porta a Mare in the north, it takes about an hour allowing for plenty of stops for pictures and gelato. Cittadella dei Musei Cagliari, Located in the Castello section of the city of Cagliari, this collection of museums is the perfect way to spend a day that is either too blazing hot or rainy to be at the beach. In the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Cagliari you can see paintings, textiles, jewelry and ceramics and, if you are not shy, the Collezione di Cere Anatomiche Clemente Susini has an impressive collection of anatomically correct wax figures.

Sardinia is believed to have the most beautiful beaches in the entire Mediterranean Sea. Beaches like Cala Gonone, Li Coggi beach, or the touristic Costa Smeralda consistently appear in the top of ‘The World’s Best Beaches’ lists of international magazines and travel websites. However, the most amazing beach is La Pelosa, near Stintino, at around 50 kilometers North of Alghero Airport. Usually, the small town of Stintino only has 1,200 inhabitants, but this number is a LOT higher during the summer when literally thousands of Sardinians and tourists visit these stunning beaches.