Car service repair shops guides and reviews in the USA

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Today’s cars are electronic wonders — basically computers on wheels. If they run into an error, a record on the ECU will tell you what is wrong with them. However, most dashboards do not show the driver what’s wrong with the car—all you get is a check engine light and several other warning icons on your dash. You can bring your car to a trusted mechanic to have its electronics read. But you can also do it at home using an OBD II code reader to diagnose your vehicle. In fact, you can get a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth OBD II reader on Amazon and use one of the best diagnostic apps on your device to find what’s causing the error code. Doing so lets you find out what’s wrong with your vehicle even before going to a mechanic. From there, you can guide them on what you want to be done or even double-check their work to see if they actually fixed your issue.

It’s next to impossible traveling with a broken air conditioning system in your car in the London heat. It can lead to health issues on days with high temperature and humidity. Therefore, you should proactively schedule a maintenance for your car’s air conditioning system. If that isn’t feasible, the least you should do is conduct a self-inspection of the air conditioning system and consult an expert if something appears to be wrong that can’t be fixed by you.

Expert Vehicle Service Answers for US Drivers – When it comes to vehicle service, is there such a thing as a silly question? Especially in the UK, where the weather can be as unpredictable as the traffic, knowing the ins and outs of your car’s needs is essential. At, we understand that every driver’s experience is unique which is why we’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help guide you through the world of vehicle service. So, buckle up, and find the answers you’ve been searching for in this guide.

Ignore the myth of the 100,000-mile tune-up. “It doesn’t exist,” states Principe. “Each vehicle has a specific tune-up schedule recommended by the manufacturer. The more you keep the systems clean, the better the vehicle will run.” Variations in climate and driving style also dictate the necessity for maintenance. Commuting in dusty desert conditions will quickly clog air filters, while driving short distances repeatedly can wear out the exhaust system, as moisture is never completely evacuated. Extremely hot and cold conditions require more attention paid to radiator fluid and engine oil. Read additional info at

We’ve included everything from the quick, easy tasks that take no time at all but can make all the difference, such as washer fluid and lighting checks, right up to more serious jobs, including fitting winter tyres. We’ve also included some recommended purchases where applicable. Despite the added urgency of keeping your car well maintained during the winter, most of the checks are the same ones you would perform during the rest of the year. That said, there are a few points where a bit of extra winter attention wouldn’t go amiss.