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File chiptuning 2023? We’ve continuously improved the file service platform over the years and ensured that it has become more user-friendly for customers. At the same time, we need to make sure that the system is ready for the future by expanding our database by enabling new, upcoming features and creating new tuning files for new cars and vehicles. Hp-chiptuningfiles supplies custom made ECU tuning files for different gasoline, hybrid and diesel engines. These tuning files result in improved power and durable fuel consumption. Our tuning files are developed by tuners with 13+ years of experience, for tuners. See extra information at dyno-chiptuningfiles.

What is a Chiptuning File? A chiptuning file is a file that is used to reprogram chips in order to change the performance of an engine. Usually, these chips are responsible for controlling the engine’s fuel or ignition systems. Also, they are used to monitor the engine’s sensor data. They are present in all modern cars, even when they are standard. However, there are situations when they need to be reprogrammed with chiptuning files since the engine may not be running as it should. Chiptuning files are used when you want to optimize your car’s engine and increase its horsepower without making any modifications to it. This is ideal for people who don’t have enough time but also want a quick and efficient solution that will benefit their driving.

The engine can be tuned for conditions that you set, like better fuel, removing or raising the rev limiter, increasing boost in turbo charged engines, increasing or decreasing air to fuel ratios for more horse power. Tuning can remove barriers that can limit the benefits of other modifications to an engine. It can also be a good value for horsepower per dollar spent.

With chip tuning, we change the parameters of the engine control in order to achieve extra performance from the engine. We optimize the special maps, e.g. the boost map, the ignition map or the fuel map. What is of great importance here is that we leave the safety functions of the engine control switched on. With us, this component protection is fully functional – something you unfortunately cannot say of many “tuning boxes” or amateur tuners. When the component protection is deactivated, severe engine damage can be the consequence.

However if you are going to change the operating conditions on medium or long-term basis then you should reset your ECU. One such instance could be when you think of boosting octane. Resetting the ECU when you choose to boost Octane becomes necessary because your ECU has a memory bank for octane. This means that if you’ve been using lower octane, the response of ECU will correspond to lower octane with the booster matching lower octane performance.

Allows ECU chiptuning files to be modified in the engine’s factory settings. Modern cars have ECUs (engine control units) that have anti-lag, ignition timing, launch control, fuel pressure regulation, rev limiter, staged fuel injection, transient fueling, wastegate control, water temperature control and many more. Customers are always on the lookout for improvements to their rides and this is where ECU chiptuning files create almost unlimited possibilities. At we can convert ECU files to increase power even in the slowest and oldest cars with engine control unit. Our engineers have many years of experience editing ECU chiptuning files and if we do it with passion and responsibility. We know that a small mistake can cause a chain reaction to a problem so engineers pay attention to the details. See extra details on