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Here are a few advices if you need to improve your online business. Assuming you’ve already created awesome content and are now ready to start sharing it, give your audience a way to share it with their colleagues and friends. Hey, that’s essentially free marketing for you! Be sure your CTAs take the reader to an offer for content about a specific topic-which they are already reading about on your landing page or email-as opposed to having your CTA link back to your homepage. This way you engage them with something relevant to their needs and interests in that moment.

Have your competitors launched a new product, service or website? You need to know. Track what your key competitors are doing, and use the information to beat them. Aim high. Keep a look out for prospects that have experienced a change in circumstances, such as a restructure or a merger, and target them. Make sure you have a list of organisations that you would like to work with. And don’t be afraid to discount a prospect if you don’t think the relationship will go anywhere.

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Make sure the focus is on engagement, not on generating leads. The content that you provide should be compelling – and don’t make it just a teaser – it has to stand on its own. Make it useful and prospects will be happy to share their information with you. And be consistent – if I registered on your site or followed you because you provided A & B, don’t suddenly change your focus. No one likes a bait & switch.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving away free content may seem counterintuitive, but this strategy creates a sense of trust between your audience and your brand. It can be a downloadable infographic, pdf, or any type of promotional offer. For example, Hubspot gave away 15 free infographic templates to visitors. This saves people a ton of time so they don’t have to create the infographics from scratch. All they have to do is download the template and adjust the contents as needed.